After 18 wonderful months of being home with my son, it was hard for him and I to think about spending our days apart. The staff at BLC went above and beyond to ensure that the transition was as easy as possible. My son is excited every morning to go to daycare and is tired from all the activities at the end of the day. It’s obvious that the staff at BLC put a lot of planning and effort into the children’s activities, meals and schedule. The Centre also does a great job of keeping parents informed on what’s happening. I would definitely recommend BLC to families looking for daycare for their little ones. 

Megan Dow 08/01/20

The Beacon Learning Centre has been (and continues to be) the perfect choice for the care of our children. The teachers and staff do an awesome job creating a place of belonging for all who attend. Both of our boys looked forward to “school” every day, from the time they were toddlers to the day they left BLC. They learned so much through play and inquiry-based activities and were incredibly well prepared for JK, both academically and emotionally. The cooperative model allows for many opportunities for parents to be involved with the centre, creating a wonderful community feel to the daycare experience. We look forward to our daughter joining the toddler program in the spring.

Melissa Hammell 11/01/17

Having tried other childcare before finding Beacon Learning Centre, I can say that there is no other place where the dedication and care of the staff towards the children shines through as much as BLC. From the first time I toured the facility I knew that this place was special and felt like my children would be genuinely cared for and nurtured. My youngest son started at BLC at just 15 months but I felt confident leaving him with such attentive teachers, and he instantly loved it and would run to cuddle them when he saw them. I love knowing my children are somewhere where they receive healthy food, plenty of outdoor play and exposure to nature, a variety of development activities, and, most of all, the attention and affection of experienced and dedicated staff who truly love what they do and the children they care for.

Alina Fedorowicz 11/01/17

Our twin boys started in the toddler room at Beacon Learning Centre in 2016 and since day one it has exceeded our expectations. The care and learning environment provided by the wonderful teachers is outstanding. We are continually impressed with the creative activities and play the boys are experiencing and the skills they are learning. We have also been so pleased with the level of communication provided to the parents on a regular basis. We never have to wonder what our boys are learning and who they are interacting with thanks to the regular updates and photos we receive. We have already been recommending the centre to friends and neighbours!

Kristen and Tony Haddad 27/08/17

 The BLC is truly a wonderful place. The staff are caring and nurturing, the learning environment is engaging, the food is fantastic, and it is a place where children (and their parents!) are happy and feel that they belong. My son started out in the toddler program in 2011 and continued at BLC until he started JK, just this past year. He was extremely well-prepared for kindergarten, both academically and socially. His JK teachers are amazed at his letter and number recognition and production abilities as well as his positive social interactions (e.g. sharing, patience, demonstrating compassion) with other children in the classroom. I credit the staff and programs at BLC with the development of these crucial skills for success. I am looking forward to the Fall of 2015 when my youngest child will be enrolled in the toddler program at BLC–I am certain he will thrive and enjoy his time there as much as his older brother did!

Jennifer Houghton 03/03/15

When I made the decision to send my daughter Gillian to preschool, I did not hesitate to send her to the Beacon Learning Centre. As a teacher in a local school, I had seen first hand how prepared my ‘B.L.C’ students were when they entered Kindergarten. Their transition to Kindergarten was seamless, as they had already gained a number of different social and educational skills necessary for school. As a parent, I was extremely happy with the care and education my daughter received while she attended Senior Preschool.

Through play based learning, she grew and thrived under her fabulous, dedicated teachers. My picky eater was eating food I could never imagine and she skipped into class each morning. What more could a parent ask for? My youngest daughter will be starting at B.L.C. in September, and I can’t wait for her to experience all of the joy that the Beacon Learning Centre has to offer.

Jennifer Corkum 13/02/15


Our three girls attended the Nursery School Program at the Beacon Learning Centre (BLC) from the time they were 2.5yrs old until Junior Kindergarten. Friends of ours had introduced us to BLC back in 2007. Each of our girls have highly benefited from the program, ensuring a successful transition toward full day junior kindergarten. From group play, to developing skills in social settings, to giving the children confidence in their abilities to create, play, and interact in a classroom setting, the BLC was invaluable in shaping our children’s early lives in a safe and secure environment. The teachers are outstanding and contribute to provide such a great environment for the children. We highly recommend BLC to all parents who wish to provide their children with the best possible early education.

Martin Bertrand and Lisa Bertrand 13/02/15