Registration – Pre School and Toddler

 Step 1:

Register your child on the Centralized Waiting List

All children in full-day programs must first be registered on the City of Ottawa Child Care Registry and Waitlist.

Once registered on the CCRAW you will receive a call when a spot becomes available for your child.

You may choose to be on the waiting list for several different childcare centres. Only centres specifically identified by you will be able to access your information.

Once your child is registered on the Centralized Wait List you are welcome to contact Jackie Ruano via email at or call her at 613 741 3422 for further information.

Step 2:

Download and fill out the registration package forms for your child for the Pre School or Toddler program

  • Form 00- Pre School, Toddler Registration
  • Form 01 – School Procedures
  • Form 02 – Pre School, Toddler – Personal Information
  • Form 03 – Emergencies Contact Card
  • Form 04 – Board and Committee Registration
  • Form 05 – Media Permission
  • Form 06 – Storypark Permission
  • Form 08 – Exclusion Due to Sickness
  • Form 09 – Medication Permission
  • Form 10 – Sunscreen Permission
  • Form 11 – Pre-authorized Debit (PAD) form (if applicable)
  • Form 12 – Outdoor Learning Policy and Waiver
  • Form 13 – COVID-19 Policy
  • Form 14 – COVID-19 Waiver

Step 3:

Download and Fill out the required Immunization Form and attach your child’s Immunization record

  • Read through the Ontario Vaccine Requirements schedule for information
  • Form 07 – Immunization Information

Step 4:

Provide Pre-Authorized Debit Form

  • Form 11 – PAD Form (if applicable)

Please download the Parent Handbook for review of BLC policies.

Forms and Documents:

 00 Toddler Preschool Registration package

 01 School procedures for Registration Package

02 Personal Information

 03 Emergency Contact Card

04 Board and committee for reg package

05 Beacon Learning Centre Media Permission Form

06 Storypark policy for parents Sept 2018

Ontario Vaccine Requirements schedule

 07 Immunization Information Form

08 Beacon Learning Centre Exclusion Due to Sickness Policy

 09 Medication permission form

 10 Sunscreen Permission Form

PAD Agreements for parents 2021_June_Reg

12 Beacon Learning Centre Outdoor Learning Policy and Parent Waiver

 13 BLC COVID 19 Health and Safety Policy updated April 16th 2021

14 Covid waiver