Fundraiser: Fundscrip Gift Cards

Purchase gift cards from Fundscrip to pay for your everyday expenses instead of using credit/debit cards or cash. A percentage of each purchase will go directly to BLC.

Cards are available for a large range of stores, including grocery stores, gas stations, hardware and clothing stores, and restaurants. Here’s how it works:
1. Go to
2. Go to ‘Support a group’.
3. Enter group invitation code: JKPNF4 – and BLC will appear.
4. Enter your name etc and create your own password.
5. Log in and go to ‘Ordering Site’, then ‘Buy cards’.

The cards will be delivered to your home and for this you pay $ 1.02 shipping. You can buy up to five gift cards per order so if you need more than five you will have to do another order. Some gift cards give a higher percentage return to the BLC than others. For example, grocery stores give 3% return while some restaurants and some clothing stores give up to 10%.

For payment method it is much better for the BLC if you opt for ‘Online bill payment’. If you use your credit card 1.99% will be taken from the order so BLC may only receive 1%.

It is easy to set up Fundscrip as a payee on your online bill payments by entering the fundscrip online banking code which will be given to you after you order.