The BLC Newsletter

Summer 2016

We are coming to the end of another school year at the BLC. While we do not close for the summer and there is no real end of the year, it does feel like a transitional time because so many of our children will be moving up to kindergarten and many new children will be joining us. We wish all of our ‘graduates’ well as they move on to “big school”.

Spring 2016

It is wonderful to see the beginnings of spring; the lighter evenings, patches of grass and especially fewer clothes for our little ones to put on. Of course we now have to deal with all those puddles and wet socks but this year our yard seems to be drying out quite fast.

The children had a lot of fun on Hop-a-thon Day. With their bunny ears and their pink noses, they hopped to ‘Hop, hop, hop until you drop, drop, drop’, ‘Easter Parade’, ‘Happy’, and ‘Sleeping Bunnies’. Thanks to your generosity we raised $1,181 for Muscular Dystrophy.