Elaine’s Retirement

Elaine, mother of two grown daughters, joined the BLC family in 2003. She brought to the BLC her sincere interest and joy in working with children after many years of volunteering with young people through Girl Guides, camp counselling, school volunteer work, and home child care. At the BLC, Elaine worked and played with the children in the former kindergarten and school-age programs. She then started the lively full-day toddler program in 2013. Elaine would very often come in on the weekend to bring books from the library, organize her classroom, and fix things around the school. Her husband, Hans, generously fixed and mended things around the school time and time again. We will miss Elaine’s bright smile, warmth, and energy that she brought with her everyday.

Although it was difficult to say goodbye, we had such a lovely time on Saturday, February 23rd celebrating her retirement. It was wonderful to see so many BLC families and teachers from over the years (2003 to present!) to come out to say farewell to Elaine. Thank you to the families who attended the party, made a contribution towards her gifts, and wished Elaine well on her last day. Thank you also to Jackie R and all of our BLC staff and teachers who planned such a special day.

A special thank you to:
* Ahmad (Toddler, Amar’s dad) who volunteered his time to take these photos and compile this beautiful video (link below).
* Elina (Marion’s granddaughter) who sang such a moving song for Elaine. Adele’s “When We Were Young”
* The Quartet who played gorgeous music for the party. Carl, Claudia (Felicia’s children), Kefele, and Lillina.
* Beacon Hill City Councillor, Tim Tierney, who presented Elaine with a letter and certificate of appreciation from the City of Ottawa.

You will always be in our hearts, Elaine. Thank you for all your years of teaching, nurturing care, dedication and inspiration.

Love from your BLC family